I am sitting here and thinking of the content mafia of the world (not just the Internet, but traditional mediums, too). The CM would include (but not limited to):

  • all music streaming services
  • all movie streaming services
  • all book (usually e-book) selling merchants (basically only Amazon in this case)

So, for example - if I am an artist (musician, director, actor, author, etc.) and I want to express myself in an artistic fashion (which is what art is at the end of the day (and it's why people should even like art - because the artistic expression of the individual(s) creating said art is done so in a beautiful/melancholic manner)), I, the artist, am not allowed to do so as long as a/the content mafias of the world exist. Yes, I can create a piece of art that is an expression of myself, and I can "make a movie", or "write a book", or "cut an album", or whatever - and people CAN and SHOULD do that, but the authenticity-to-relevance ratio in 2022 (and before) has had it's integrity compromised to the point of: if you want to make genuine art, by all means do so, but don't expect to pay a bill with your talent. Don't expect to "have a hit". Don't expect to "make a name for yourself". If you want those things (money, relevance, etc.), then write someone else's book, direct someone else's movie, sing someone else's song. THAT'S how people become "artists" - they have some talent, and they would (believe it or not) still have that talent even if content mafias didn't exist. But, content mafias DO exist - so people (listeners, watchers, readers - AKA all consumers of artistic content) are subjugated to (what amounts to) disingenuous money siphons of "content".

It's too bad.

My advice? Do what makes you happy (create art - or anything, really) , despite the say of a monopoly's input on YOUR artistic expression.

So, this has been a rant/ramble of two cups of espresso, and I stand by it.