Do people still do the “<3" symbol online? I just did, so there it is ;)nnBut yea, my fireplace is the kitten's mittens, and makes the place "*feel*" warmer (through some sort of visual placebo effect), even though it is only 71 degrees in here.nnI gotta say, I'm fairly bored a lot these days. Bored and recovering from sickness and also recovering from injury, but simply bored a lot, too. There's always web development stuff I can be working on, and I *do* have an ambition to do dev, an ambition to create, an ambition to do "cool stuff" with what I have access to, but not always the "fire under my ass" motivation to do much with it, sometimes. When I DO jump into dev activities, it is like a whirlwind of a lot of research, learning, focus, energy (+ caffeine), and just giving my brain a big, fulfilling mental workout that it would probably not be getting otherwise.nnI think some of it comes down to "personal" inspiration. I need to get better at being self-motivated and self-propelled. I know that goal-setting is a cliche thing to do in one's life (or, an arbitrary thing to do, for some), but, I NEED to hash out in the Here and Now *what* I want to do/accomplish with web dev.nnSo let's do it:nn- I want to have the basics of **Thanx** (the current project) up and functioning by year's endnn- I want to start the process of making it an open source project on Github at the beginning of 2022nnAnd that is it - no high-minded, lofty goals of "I will launch *here*, and do *that*, and become *this*, blah, blah etc." Just want the thing finished and ready with v.0.1 by the end of *this* year, and start to make it open source at the beginning of next. Period.nnWhat comes after after, I do not know. We'll see *when* I get there.nnSo, I will leave it at that, for now. And jump into some dev stuff shortly. nnBack laternn

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