On 1,000 corpses - I knew it, I knew it, I knew it knew it knew it!

LOL! Wow, I was 100% "over" password managers.

I had faith. Trust. Good will. And genuine, sincere belief that they weren't all loads of complete shit. But no, I just went through the Bitwarden shuffle (signed up, paid $10 per year, got the app for Mac, got the app for Android, added the extension to Firefox), and I go to save ONE note, and I am hit with this:

I double/triple checked my connection, I pray the Rosary, I burn an incense, and yes - I have come to complete and total karmic conclusion that PASSWORD MANAGERS ARE INCAPABLE PIECES OF TOTAL TRASH!

Now, I am not "mad", at all. (sounds that way, I'm not). I am 110% amused that none of these fucking "critical", "essential" apps can manage (pun) to do a single thing when in-use.

LastPass fucked me over big time some years back. I tried to save my main e-mail PW to that service, it didn't save (IDK why), and off it went into the ether. Never to be recovered again.

And now Bitwarden cannot save a small "tester" note. Thankfully I didn't delete where the note came from.

So, these things are shit on a stick.

I wasn't going to use it as an actual PW manager, because I won't jump through that three ring circus full of hoops just to sign in to a damn account.

Want my fucking Ghost blog sign-in? You can have it! My ProtonMail password? It's yours! (not really, but bigger fish can be fried other than access to an online acct)

As long as some dumbfuck co doesn't show (display) my FULL cc info on their billing page, then I could care less if I had an acct stolen.

Then again, I worry of this not at all. Because I'm "TMO nobody", so no one would waste their time pissing with my "accounts", memberships, whatever.

That belabors the point, though.

Password. Managers. Suck.

So I won't mess with them anymore.


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