It truly is. Like the words of Ray Jardine (probably the greatest living world explorer and adventurer of our time): “in the choice between nature and technology, choose nature – because technology will let you down”.nnAnd I am not saying that “tech is bad” – but I *will* say it is ONLY “good” for humans. Or, at least we have a *perceived* belief that is should, or *must be*, good for humans – because why else would it exist? It is also what separates us from the animals, so in that respect technology (all of it – from eyeglasses to smartphones) makes us unique *from* other creatures. Why this is something we should have to consciously build upon, is beyond me. nnBut what stops me in my tracks from thinking technology “improves” or can “save” humanity, is 1) the obvious, and that is that technology *caused* and is *causing* much of the world’s problems (e.g. climate change), and 2) technology is never, EVER met with any degree of moderation. If something is powerful, and we can make it more powerful, or fast(er), or whatever the case, we do so – and we do it with complete and total disregard for thinking beforehand of what the “end” is to the “means” – almost as if we live in a world devoid of any action/reaction consequence.nnThe WWW for example, it was supposed to “make life easier” for people. Not in the sense that shopping could be easier, or that food could get delivered on the fly (hell, we can “rough it” and just GO to a store, or COOK our own food!), but that it could unlock a world of otherwise privileged knowledge, create a more democratic medium for communication (which still can/does happen in *small*, moderated online communities), etc. Instead, big investment happened, big co’s got involved, and it became a whirlwind bullet train into who can make the most money is the shortest about of time, go public, and take down the planet along with it.nnSo, perhaps “the antithesis of humanity” is perhaps a little harsh, and it is, considering that tech *has* helped improve *some* people’s lives (though, I’d say not “most” people’s lives). But what I WILL say is that humans can JUST BE without the need to consciously create, invent, build, make something or other to “make life better”, because at this point, we’ve reached a “what is life” type of plateau, to where we don’t even have a grip on what the “default” IS for the majority of humans across the globe. And even IF we did (say, bring unlimited/free Internet access to every region of the world), it would ONLY be good for humans. Not animals, not plants, not the planet. And living with and amongst other lifeforms is a prerequisite, a mandatory requirement for being on this planet, in my belief. No human is an island. And we all depend on each other and every THING that lives amongst us.nnIt’s how it isnn

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