housekeeping BS

Went ahead and made the About page for this bloggo, as well as the "quick links" README page. And I think I will limit it to that until I can get a proper "zine" page at the top navbar, which involves a lot of link swapping and other things, so I will hold off on that for right now.

Had a Google Duo call with my Great Nephew a bit ago (well, he was ON the call - he is far too young to MAKE calls, lol!). So that was fun. Now, I await the delivery of the TV console.

Ghost feels very polished, and professional, and that is good (I don't want to look like a total noob! Haha!), and I can definitely appreciate the designers who made these themes, for sure. I am going to install the drbyll theme in due time (hopefully), but I am not going to mess with it right now. In fact, I may forgo all navigation on this blog altogether and just have the contact form linked and RSS and literally nothing else. Minimalism is good :)

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