Enough to turn the AC on. Got it set to 70, because it is 75 in here. 77 out there. But, I was able to walk to Dollar Tree comfortably, get items for the day. On the way, the nearby daycare (across the street) is having some sort of "petting zoo" event, and the lawn out front had donkeys, and llamas, and small horses, and other various medium-sized mammals. Was amusing to see that. Crowded.

I'll see what the day brings, but I feel a bit in the mood for retro tech videos (usually The 8-Bit Guy and LGR are the ones I go for, but sometimes Cinemassacre (or, AVGN) are my things.)

I watch a lot of YouTube. I don't like the algos on YT, at all. But I still watch it.

Blogs will be read, as well. Nothing new there, of course.

Now, I will have hot coffee. I had some before, jotted some stuff about it, but then deleted the post - a pointless early-AM update.

More stuff later.