So this cup of coffee, I will finish. My stomach feels much better after the Nexium kicked in, and I can "stomach" a hot cuppa joe now. It is tasty, too.

Nothing going on tonight. I have the central fan on, and the sliding glass door opened a bit, letting the apartment fill with fresh, cool-ish air. Nice STLWX in store for tomorrow, too. And, the floor fan shipped from Home Depot earlier this evening, so that will be a nice thing to have on weather days like this. Been wanting a floor fan for a while now. Ever since we had one at Job Corps (a much bigger one (60 inch?)) in the dormitory, it was something I have desired since. The one I ordered is a 20 inch model, but that is plenty big for a small apartment. Very much so looking forward to it.

In fact, everything shipped that I ordered in the past 24 hours: tobacco, cadet hat, fan, light bulbs, and perhaps something else that I am forgetting. The big "chunk" of disposable income for March was put on the Linode account, so I do not have to account for $20 going out the door every single month just to have a VPS or two running. $100 was added to the account, so I should be good to go for a while.

Now, I am about finished with the coffee, and finishing off a cigarette, as well. Enjoying the ambiance of the night.

back soon