That is what I named this blend of tobacco I came up with. It is a mix of three tobacco blends:nn- dark-fired Kentucky + Maduro cigar leaf (from an actual cigar)nn- Presbyterian Mixture (Virginia, Orientals, Latakia)nn- Paladin Black Cherry (Burley)nnThe *flavor* is very much like a full(er)-bodied Presbyterian Mixture. The *room note* is that of a dark black cherry – a smoky/musty black cherry, really. And the *tin note* is that of pure hot cocoa. In fact, I would swear there was toasted Cavendish tobacco in the blend, judging by the tin note. And surprisingly with this blend (tin note, room note, flavor) there is hardly *any* sweetness or signs that Paladin Black Cherry was in the mix – as that is an *incredibly* potent black cherry aroma on it’s own, but the Maduro cigar leaf won that battle, I think.nnAnd yes, it has a kick. A lot of nicotine in it. Very “filling” to smoke, and I just had some a moment ago, so I am plenty awake now ;)nnMakes me want to get some C&D Corncob Pipe and a Button Nose tobacco and mix it with mixing Latakia, so I can get the *flavors* and *room note* that this blend gives off in the *tin note*. CCPAABN has toasted Cavendish in it, as well as Burley, and a *heavy* cocoa topping. Stuff is like melted marshmallows in cocoa when it is smoked. Delicious. Latakia would bring it up a notch with extra nicotine + the sensation of having hot cocoa next to a campfire, or firepit, or even a fireplace.nnAnyway, onto more coffee. Back later.

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