Just vegetarian chili with some shredded cheddar mixed in. Delicious, and perfect for the icy-ish/snowy weather outside. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first and last snowfall we got this season, though. Temps will go back up this week, and...yea. We had a perfectly "normal" weather year for Missouri in 2021 - until Winter arrived, and then it stayed warm and there was zero snow. So, we may never have a "normal" Spring/Sumer/Fall/Winter ever again considering all things climate change-related. Summers tend to be long and humid. Springs, very short. Fall seems to last all throughout the rest of the year (at least for 2021 it was that way). I remember snowfall on Halloween in the 80s ffs! And Jan/Feb temps dipped into below-zero territory. But, that's all gone, I suppose (not to sound melodramatic or anything).

I've got nothing else to bring to the table writing-wise, I'm afraid. Just a general weather/climate report :/

Sometimes I look that stuff up, you know? Doomsday weather patterns, climate change predictions, warnings of impending doom. For some reason it brings me a sense of comfort, to know (or have a reason to believe) that most of civilized society will be brought to it's knees through "natural" (though, human-caused) weather events. Mostly because I think the advancements of modern society are out-of-line with the "way of nature", and also, there is the "mailaise of modernity" that existentialists talk about (which I mentioned the other day) - and overall, being hyper-domesticated is fairly lame/boring, and excitement and enthralling purpose is/are certainly more rewarding than just ordering shit from Amazon and watching Netflix 24/7. And also, (because I am very practical) I look at it through a scope of realism: if XYZ weather event(s) occurred in our lifetime, we would all have to have some wits about us in order to respond to such in order to live one more day, let alone the remainder of our (expected) lives. Another way of putting it, is that for anyone who rests their head on their own (unwilling (unbeknownst to them)) domestication, is due for a fairly uncomfortable and trying time in the future. And granted, anyone can/will adapt to keep themselves afloat, but I just look forward to life being more difficult, but more meaningful in the long run.

That's all. A perverse hope, I suppose.

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