I bought Prego, or Ragu, or some sort of Alfredo sauce by some company. Used it with instant ramen (cheap, fast) then I tossed on parm cheese, and voila! - a "homemade" Italian dish. Much like coffee, instant is better. Faster is better.

9:15 rolls around, and I notice that there is a new "chat", or "chat-like" feature on Remark.as, so I asked about it in the Discuss.write.as forum, and apparently it is some ephemeral chat...thing. I know anyone who may be reading this blog may not know anything about W.a, or R.a, or whatever, but I wanted to jot down that I noticed that feature being introduced, even though I know little about it.

So, I'm full, satisfied - mucho gusto.

There we go

see ya later