Just made it home. Feels good to be back :)nnHad to do the PDAnet+ song and dance all over again, and go to the Proxies settings in Network Settings, and put in the “special” http address, and yada yada yada. But, I got the WWW back on the laptop, so, all is good there. nnJust glad I was able to get the SSH key registered to my Github, because that had been gnawing at me, haha.nnSo, on with the show!nnSome exciting things getting got over the next few weeks – WiFi Hotspot (my purchase), Chromecast (I think (at least my sister says she’ll get me one for Xmas)), television set (hand-me-down), writing desk (“*the*” Xmas gift for this year from “Santa” (sisters, and mother combined purchase), etc. – all very neat! Hooray for the holidays!nn**I** have Xmas gifts to buy, too, and I am still trying to find out from my sisters what they want. They tend to say “oh…just, whatever”, and it isn’t very helpful, haha. The moms wants a fire extinguisher, though, so I am good to go on getting her that (or *those* – as they come in a 2-pack).nnOK, back later

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