Did a bit of running around – the moms needed to pick up groceries from Wal-Mart, so she did a curbside pickup thing, and I brought them in for her. Then, I put away yard waste into their respective bins at their house. Then, I cleaned up the back deck just a tad (there were random things that needed to be thrown away, and it needed a good “de-acorning” (or, swept)). Now, I’m back home.nnGood to get out of the apartment a bit, for sure. Tomorrow I will get in a hike, I am pretty sure. Weather permitting as always, but I expect the #stlwx to be OK.nnThe shoes are working out good – no issues with them. Been wearing them almost non-stop for several days now. All good.nnDev activities tonight? Maybe. We’ll see how the evening goes, haha. Sometimes I’m up for it, other times, not so much. I’m on the right track with where I left off, though, and I have everything documented properly along the way, so, I should hit the ground running when I hope back in :)nnBack later

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