Spent the majority of the day taking down ALL the Xmas decor at the 'rents house. I walked to Schnucks before I went out that way, got some good grub, then when everything was wrapped up at the 'rents place, I came home and tried to take a nap (I was spent!), but that didn't work, so here I am writing some stuff.

I did some laundry when I was out that way, too, so I have fresh duds to wear (finally). Also, some non-slip/grip tape stuff for the 1TB SSD arrived in the mail from B&H Photo. I will apply it to the SSD here soon, but I found it comical just how large of a box it came in - it's literally credit card-sized and came in a box that was at least 1ft x 1ft. Ridiculous. Anyhow, I will take care of that and also re-tape the photos that I printed off a while back from one wall to an adjacent wall in the living room, because I obtained Scotch tape while I was at the 'rents, as well (been needing to get ahold of some).

No other special plans for the night. Still ice cold outside, and the temps are dropping significantly overnight. (low of 8 degrees).

Back soon