Home sweet Oakville! Dog bless! I *would* say that I am “exhausted”, but I am not, as I got excellent sleep last night. So, I am fairly energetic, feel good. I DO need to take a shower, though, as I didn’t get one in yesterday. I feel grimy as hell. Gross.nnI will make my way to Great Clips later on (maybe) and get my hair cut, and just hope that they are not too crowded. Tomorrow, I will make my way to Schnucks when their pharmacy opens and get my booster, and I will also pick up some food items for the week when I am there. Just a bunch of fruit to get me through, probably. And some (vegetarian) No-Chicken Noodle Soup, just in case I get sick.nnThe IEMs have not shipped, yet. I am expecting them to ship soon, as they have an expected delivery date of December 31. No rush, really.nnback soon

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