Went up and down, up and down the stairs earlier today, setting up decorations, making the ‘rents house look nice. Had help from some relatives, too, but I brought up everything almost exclusively myself. Was a lot of legwork, but I am not complaining.nnHad some excellent chickenless white chicken chili (vegetarian), and I still have a lot in the fridge that I brought home with me. Also, some chocolate cake, French apple pie, and a small sammy from Goodcents Deli. A *lot* of food!nnFrom sweating profusely (again, up and down the stairs for a fair amount of time), I need to take a shower ASAP. I mean, I need to anyway, but it is 100% required of me now.nnBut first, some hot coffee.nnI think I am going to put on some music tonight and chill out. Tired as could be.nnBack later

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