Ordered some neat stuff from TobaccoPipes(.com) just now, and besides the Presbyterian Mixture, I have not tried any of these blends before -nn- Hearth & Home Louisiana Red Bulk (VA/Per blend)n- Solani White & Black (English blend)n- and a full-bodied cigar (Kentucky leaf, I believe)nn…and then the aforementioned PM and pipe cleaners :)nnI *thought* I would be SOL on a tobacco order this month, because they are out of stock of *most* D&R blends, which are straight Virginia, cigarette-like blends, but, I figure the Louisiana Red Bulk could be an interesting all-day smoke for me for a while. So, I got 8 ounces in bulk.nnI was *tempted* to buy a Medico estate pipe from Etsy a bit ago, because it is the *exact* (same type of) pipe that was in an early video from Matches860 (John Hardin), and I always thought that pipe looked so cool with the yellow/tan stem and short bowl, but, it is running $55 on Etsy, and I didn’t want to spend the money on it right now. Who knows if I will ever come across it again?nnAnyway, getting through the night OK. Not in *too* much pain. Should be OK.

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