holds... back... desire... to... tease

So, I won't be a "teaser", or a "meanie", and I don't have any type of ill will towards something/someone I saw online a brief moment ago, but, I sort of saw somebody put out a blog post on their blog (which I am a reader of, and I respect this person), and they effectively laid out a set number of nuanced goals and To-Do's for the entirety of X amount of months. It's in-depth, it's detailed, it rife with pre-determined shortfalls and (probably) self-guilt when/if things go astray.


I mean, even in my most "productive" state of being, when I was creating Thanx.cc (later dismantled - perhaps because of over-arching "To-Do's" that never saw the light of day), I had a self-rule of never adding more than two short term To-Do items for what I had to get finished next for the project (albeit with no time limit set for either of those items).

Now, my "checklists", and "reminder jots" and "appointments", are more or less things I have to do as a functioning adult, anyway, so I write them all down so I do not forget them, and so I am not totally sloshing around in the Lost Sauce of life. LMAO!

I digress, as others can/will do as they please, but in that sentiment, I do as I please, too. So, yea - all the best to them :)


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