So, Signal cannot function on this MBA with the Proxies work-around I mentioned earlier. Also, pCloud downloads *will* work, but each time (after the download is finished) it boots me off my WiFi). Also, there is a the (arbitrary, “freemium”) feature of PDAnet+, so doing anything long-winded or important is an exercise in frustration.nnSo, *some* dev stuff will be delayed until I get the mobile hotspot, but as *soon* as it arrives, things will pick up. In the meantime, I basically just have basic functionality of the MacBook (or slightly *limited* functionality, due to the fact that I’m not *just* online – there was a work-around to GET online).nnI think the local dev enviro learning process (because I am new to it) would not work properly with this configuration, things would fail, I’d get pissed, etc. – so I will simply be patient and wait.nnIn the meantime, I will find other stuff to do with dev (if I can), and update as I go along.nnBack later

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