I couldn’t go to Dierbergs. Or, I DID go to Dierbergs (halfway there) when I glanced over and saw that the Schnucks parking lot was completely empty (because Easter), then I thought: “uh oh, Dierbergs is probably closed, too”. So, I stopped mid-sidewalk, *just* before getting to Telegraph Road, and I did a DDG search for “Dierbergs Easter”, and sure enough, after accepting the browser/website to use my location four times, and getting through some ads, and rejecting a newsletter, I see that they were (are) indeed, closed. So, I turned around, just as it started to spit rain (in 35 degree weather, in shorts – probably better that they *are* closed!) and walked home. nnAnyway, on the walk back, I stopped at a neighbor’s apartment, and saw if he had some coffee he could spare (like a panhandling caffeine addict), and he did, so I brought some home. It is called Community Coffee (a Schnucks exclusive), and it is a Dark Roast, and is pretty good. Regular grounds, so I make it “cowboy style”, or “camp coffee”. Second cup now.nnback soon

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