Hi, sky - high in the sky

Nothing to do, so snaps happened. Better than just looking at the beautiful clouds, I wanted to snap/share them.

Also spent some time critiquing the movers across the street. Two Men and a Truck (moving co), as they were being cavalier with the stuff they were moving. Mental critique ("ah, I'd do that better" - "should've lifted that dresser", etc). Cause I'm such a professional mover ;)

More importantly, I chatted with my best bud "B", and we talked of the old neighborhood - who lives where, what the condition the houses are in. A young fam lives in my old house, which I consider "my" childhood home, because it was only in the family for the first 18 years of my life. It's a large house, worn a bit now, and the backyard is fucked up from no upkeep. It was "where I was" for all those years.

I also visited Neighbor "S" - he's sober today, staying that way. Blog bless him :)

We had soda, coffee, spat words about anything we wanted.

Now soda and sky


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