I have an assessment to do today. It is basically a questionnaire about physical health, done with my medical provider. It is in-person and will be around noon (will do bloodwork before then). I head out of here at about 11:00 AM.nnBut, it is 4:00 AM now (almost), and I am having coffee, because I think I can have a *little* of that before the bloodwork, even though I have been “fasting” since midnight.nnHigh of 40F today. *That* is more like Winter weather! So, that’s appropriate.nn**MyChart** nnI needed to download the MyChart app so I went to log in, and I didn’t know my username, so I had it sent to my e-mail, then was able to log in just fine. Then I confirmed my e-mail on file with a Verification code (luckily they were still able to send the UN e-mail just before that), and now I am good to go. I will have my lab results when they come in tomorrow (shortly after I do the bloodwork).nn**a few words on web dev**nnBeen ranting/raving (last night) over on a blog I have set to “Private” here on W.a about how how I am fed up with web development. Everything I want to do/implement on the **Thanx** Project takes an avalanche of motivation to buckle down and actually figure out what I need to figure out, configure what I need to configure – it’s exhausting! Nothing comes “easy”, natural, or even organic for me – it’s basically a hack-together/cut-and-paste job, and that’s not even legit programming.nnSo, it’s been cathartic to let out those concerns.nnBack soon

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