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It's nice today. 65F. Or was 65F. I walked. Enjoyed the weather a bit.

It's 9:00 AM on the dot now. Going grocery shopping with my caseworker a bit later on. That will be in the afternoon.

I had to Morning Coffee Initiation just a moment ago with this mug of Maxwell House - that is, the first half of the mug dries my mouth out like that of sandpaper, and I just have to "trudge through" the discomfort/dissatisfaction in order for that "condition" to subside, and then the rest of the mug is enjoyable, and every mug after that for the rest of the day.

Onto mug of coffee #2, but this time Folgers.

I'm probably happiest, most productive, most stimulated when writing - it's not only a focal point and time killer, but it keeps the brain "bouncing" and "maneuvering" to the extent that these life and times (life, in general) has substance and significance. Or at least that is the perception of it (writing) when I am in the act of doing it. Kind of an ephemeral "meat and potatoes" form of "mile-marking" the day(s). An act. An activity. Truth and meaning to the words as they are written.

So I cannot/do not subscribe to a "results-oriented" model of...nearly anything in this world. I like socializing for the sake of socializing. I like drinking coffee for the flavor and mental stimulation of it - which is all sort of one in the same ("the coffee drinking experience"), as for that matter writing: an act and in-the-moment "thing happening" that can be (and usually is) enjoyed by me when I am doing that thing.

So I won't go all philosophical. As "philosophy is the art of understanding something and then thinking about it until you do not understand it anymore". LOL!

onto other things

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