An old buddy, Mike, asked if I can [test webmentions on his blog](https://mikesthoughts.blot.im/testing-webmentions-a-bit) (and I guess this blog, sorta, too?). So, I will see if this “mention” shows up on his post (linked above).nnI always wondered about webmentions. Like, how the hell *does* it work? It’s a cool feature of ActivityPub, or whatever protocol uses it, but is it like RSS for comments?nnAnd I *think* W.a supports webmentions, as this is sort of an indie web type of blog platform, so, we’ll see.nnCoincidentally (kinda) a blogger that Mike introduced me to (or, made me aware of – I never met him) a guy who had a brief bloggo here (on W.a) where he spoke of indieweb/ActivityPub integrations, but the blog has since been removed (deleted by the blogger, I assume), but Matt said this (on Remark.as) in regards to the whole IW/AP integrations/features/etc.:nn”I definitely get the frustration with us not fully implementing all that ActivityPub can do, but there is a rationale. To me, the biggest issue is that AP just copies today’s social web (including many net-negatives like “likes”) and doesn’t really create new social capabilities for end users.nnSo I’m still trying to build something “feature complete” — but maybe different than what many people expect. I’d personally like to see what comes after blog comments (regardless of whether they’re centralized or federated) and social media threads and popularity contests. That’s the direction everything is pointed in, and that’s why I haven’t just copied standard blog comments and called it a day. Remark.as is very much a work in progress, and an attempt to bridge the gap.nnIt is a shame that more people aren’t interested in building an AP blogging platform. Since Plume is no longer maintained, it’s just us and WordPress. I’d really love to see other people bring more ideas to the space, so we can focus on our particular vision, and everyone can find a platform that fits them best :)”nn…that is mostly in regards to Remark.as, so I do not know what the hell is going on anywhere, haha.nnSo, “hi” if you see this, Mike.

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