I had some Kentucky tobacco, then some hot coffee, then some hot coffee on the balcony, and things seem to be "picking up" for me (my mood, anyway). Probably because it is night time. And nights bring good moods, sometimes. I also took a couple CBD, which is not even worth mentioning because they really don't "DO" anything for me. Pot is simply better (by far and away).

blank stares bring blank thoughts

I used to be able to stare at a text editor and sometimes think of things to say/write, but that doesn't work a lot these days. I'll probably get my mojo back in time, but now it's like "write stuff that must be said or move along". I suppose my mind is a tad less complex (or less amusing to me, personally) than days gone by. I've been like this before - it comes and goes.


I am in a relatively good mood. Good tobacco leaf. Good weather.

back soon