So, had two back-to-back espressos just now (a triple-scoop of Taster’s Choice instant, and a triple-scoop of Folgers instant), and they are both very good in their own right, and incredibly easy to prepare (scoop and stir, easy) and incredibly easy to clean up after (put the mug on the counter, even *more* easy!). And I am still 100% a fan of instant coffee and the efficiency behind making such roasts. I could probably go into a coffee rant right now, but I will not, because I feel I have done so on numerous occasions on numerous blogs in the past, so…I’ll spare the end reader the headache ;)nnI just wanted to drop in and do a W.a post, as the updates here from me *are* sparse, but not non-existent. I am publishing roughly five posts per day (usually 500+ words each) over on the self-hosted Ghost bloggo ([olry.co](https://olry.co)), and I am pretty sure that is where my posts will live for the foreseeable future. A new/better theme is necessary for that blog (I despise the one I have over there now), but the theme I have in mind is a “Premium” theme, and I didn’t bother to fork out the $$ for it in March, so I will “get around” to getting it. I was head over heels with (shouldn’t it be “heels over head”? Like, it knocked me on my ass?) with the dbyll theme I had with Ghost initially. A site called [wonky.computer](https://wonky.computer) uses a version of that theme on Jekyll, and I always thought it looked cool/minimal, and when I discovered there was a Ghost software version, I got it immediately, but then the thing (that particular theme) was not compatible with a lot of new(er) Ghost theming requirements, and also that said theme was no longer maintained, so, out it went :/nnI am kinda/sorta still on the hunt for the “perfect” theme, as even the one I have my eyes on is not “exactly” what I am looking for in a theme. But I will find something eventually.nnAlmost finished with the second cuppa espresso for the evening. *Very* wired at the moment. And I also notice that the words flow much better/free’r over here on W.a sometimes. Like the editor is just a Big Empty Space that *demands* to be filled, and I am all too happy to fill it.nnIt’s likely what kept me on this service for ~4 years, and why I still pop in sometimes. Everything is boiled down to the essentials, and the writing process is very much so a blank slate, in both the actual editor *and* in my mind. I made *immense* emotional (and even psychological) progress with journaling with the W.a service over time – authentic written therapy. Really amazing, I’d say.nnAnd I still keep up with R.w.a bloggos, too – old(er) ones that I have read for years and a lot of new ones, as well. Lots of fun to see what people are writing/thinking/dreaming about :)nnAll is good.nnBack later

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