here's stuff because it's today so hi ;)

Loving these plain white tees (clothing, not music).

And that has me recalling "Hey There Delilah", which was about as popular as songs could get in 2009/2010. And apparently Delilah was/is a real person. And that the Plain White Tees singer authentically had a crush on her, and as nice as the song is (very nice) it really does amount to a song written by a "rock" singer in his early-20's, thirsting for a girl he can't have, publicly.


I had a bunch of stuff on that playlist that that song was on. All from within iTunes, and then synced via 30-pin connector to my second generation iPod Touch. I would shuttle from Sunset Point apartments in Crystal City, Missouri to Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri, and be there (the campus) for most of the day, three days a week. My first "attempt" at community college, which I cycled in and out of over a few years, and then just stopped because I am not actually college material. I CAN do the work (I comprehend it, and sometimes enjoy it), I am just obscenely lazy.

back soon

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