Despondent-sounding title, but really, no one reads anything anywhere anyhow so nothing matters. nnLet’s take a look at this photo:nn![]( am out on my balcony a lot, enjoying the weather, smoking cigs, absorbing the warmth of the sun. And sometimes I look down, down at the neighbors well-manicured and festive patio decorations. There’s flowers, American flags galore (because Memorial Day just ended, and she is in America ;)), small little lawn lights that are tinted different colors (that look cool at night, I will get a pic then, too), and other landscaping ephemera – including a wind chime, because she wants to *hear* the wind blowing, and now we (her neighbors) get to hear it, too, because the things rings and dings every day, and she never bothers to bring them in during storms.nnI liked the shade of pink of the flowers, and assumed it (the decor) would look just as cool during the day as it does at night, so I snapped a pic. Not as interesting in daylight. I will get a pic at night when all you can see are the lights. nnThere’s some filler jibber jabbernnback soon

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