It’s frustrating sometimes. Frustrating when I am in the *mode* or *mood* to launch the text editor and write out some stuff, and expect the words (whatever they may be) to come to me, and no matter how many times I get “a running start” to doing so (take a few large sips of coffee, fire up the editor, put hands on keyboard in preparation for writing (or, Intentional Writing)), I just…fall flat, when it comes to hammering out some text.nnI played out this exact scenario about four times this afternoon, and there have been no results so far. nnAnd to be honest, I have no “special”/”great” stuff to remark upon, either. News stories of Musk buying Twitter, Russia/Ukraine war atrocities, and a few other big events happening out in the world, but those are the “there” and “them” stories, mostly. *I* can’t do much about them, so I don’t have a lot to say about them. I support Ukraine, but I can’t win their war for them. I have (continued) disdain for the Russian government (particularly Putin), but I can’t “evict” that regime. In regards to the Twitter takeover thing (by Musk), I don’t use Twitter anymore, and I am sure the people who *want* or *support* Musk’s new role as…whatever, are few and far between. Most people are UNhappy with the situation, but it tends to (nearly always) be people who USE (even if they don’t want to) Twitter, and it makes little to no impact on non-users such as myself.nnSo, I am not “left in the cold”, I’m just not “one of the cool kids” (even though being UNcool may be more useful/beneficial in this day and age than has been the case in a very long time).nnI sort of feel that way about Gen Z in a sense (a Generation who I totally respect and hold in high regard, unlike the *troves* of people in my age range (late-30’s) who unfortunately do not hold Gen Z in high regard). I think Gen Z are the “new Gen X”, in some respects. I’ve felt/thought of them this way for I don’t know how long. Probably since Ian MacKaye (correct spelling?) said that they (Gen Z) will likely reform, or recreate, something *similar to* Punk Rock, but probably not even call it Punk. Just the same type of DNA/ethos as that “movement” or “era”, but different specific characteristics within.nnSo, that brings me around to my point – being UNcool, or “less known”, or sub-popular, or non-mainstream (which probably sounds a bit hipster-y to some) perhaps might benefit anyone who is of that disposition. Followings and followers, mass appeal, large platforms, large reach – they’re fine for the few who “get” those things (and I would use those two words, too – **few**, because even though it LOOKS like everyone is known/verified on large platforms, its really like 1% of those who use the Internet. And **get**, because it *is* a luck of the draw, “Lottery win” of a dice roll to even BE in a/the position of “known-ness” or “fame” or “influence” the person finds themselves in). So, what it boils down to is, a person (the actual individual themself, regardless of what others are doing) just **being confident** and **self-assured** in themself to just be who they are. Do whatever they want to do. Have their own life regardless of whoever else is “on board”. And less outward vindication (or better yet, NO outward vindication). nnSo, that’s how I sort of see Gen Z (which I think is a good thing – for *me* and for *them*, actually), as a type of Gen that is unapologizing (not a word?) about their beliefs and position in the world. In fact, they might make YOU or I (the older crowd) apologize for the “stuff” we left for *them* to deal with/negotiate in the world (as many of the older crowd (dating back to *before* the Boomers) have served shit sandwich after shit sandwich for the following Generations to cope with, and take care of).nnThat’s some stuff to write. Glad I came up with some words.nnback soon

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