![]( bought milk the other day. For cereal. And it is dairy milk. Because regardless of the *type* of milk I buy, it makes me sick, so I just get the stuff I’m used to. But cereal is not “real food” without milk, so…yea.nnBut here I am, two days later, and the cereal is gone, and I still have milk. So I decided to brace the sickness, and drink a cup of milk.nnI figured I would photograph it and share it here (along with the filthy coffee mug it is in) because the milk was/is SO white in the mug. nnIt’s tasty stuff, too.nnAnyway, that’s some pointless stuff right there, but there it is.nnThe cereal I mentioned, was Cookie Crisp. Nothing exciting about that, but when I told Neighbor “S” what cereal I had bought (because he asked me enthusiastically “Oh! What kind of cereal!?”, like it was the highlight of his day), he said “huh! That’s kid stuff!”nn”…” (was my response)nnHe’s 70 years old. It’s something one would expect an eight-year-old to say. So, I suppose I didn’t match up to his level of hard ass “manly” diet standards. I should have bought “Biker Flakes” or “Tough Bran”, instead. nnI’ll leave it therennback soon

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