here's a neat software thing that will never exist

So, I remember when Google Wave came out in 2009, and how everyone wanted in on it. The most compelling feature for me, was the ability to "live chat", or see exactly what the other person was typing, in real-time, corrections and typos and all, before they "committed" the text to the chat box. Everything else about GW was goofy, fragmented, puzzle-y, and just weird.

But what would be cool, is if someone made a piece of software that was like "live blogging", only not live blogging, as we know it - that is, when someone just "covers" an event or occurrence live, in multiple back-to-back blog posts (or sometimes Tweets, these days). But like an actual wiki-like entry, that is LIVE on a webpage, and it can be updated/changed at any time by the author. People can watch the post get written, or just stop in to see what's changed (should they care), etc.

Not too much can be done with such software, other than it might help someone learn how to write differently, or have a sort of "proof of non-typo" sort of ordeal (where you can see how long someone can go without making a typo). It'd probably be great for writing classes, as well (because who tf is gonna teach typing on a typewriter in 2022?).

So, this would be cool. Apache bought the Google Wave software back in 2011, I think the Wiki said. Now it is Apache Wave. Who knows what happened with that.


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