I was looking around and noticed that all the “startups” that exist (and grow) nowadays, are those that are basically influencer-first platforms – Clubhouse, Twitter Communities, Substack, and even all of “Web3” – they ALL put influencers in the driver’s seat in terms of A) marketing: win over the “big fish” and all the little “sucker fish” will tag along with them, feeding off the scraps of their food, and B) it is *eXcLuSiVe*, like Facebook used to be back in the day. So, “don’t attend such and such Uni (like Harvard)?, then no FB for you!” (my God I wish it had just stayed that way).nnBut, think of this (forgive me blog!): what if there were a social network where you *had* to have a Verified Twitter account in order to partake/join? There *could* be some exceptions for those invited to a certain “group” or “instance” (such as (real) friends (of which there wouldn’t BE that many, I would imagine), and/or the highest “ranking” (or perhaps *paying*) members of a particular following (like a Patreon, only the reward is to join their “uBeR eLiTe” social network for/by influencers).nnThis is a horrible idea. No one steal it. Not because *I* want to build it (can’t/won’t anyway), but because it *is* a horrible idea. nn

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