"here we go now to the Southside"

Just put "Southside" on by Moby. The one without Gwen Stefani, as that makes for a cool music video, but the original song off Play is better.

It reminds me of the trip through the area between Saint Louis University and South City (and then to Oakville).

I mentioned it here the other day, but it is worth mentioning again, because it was wild abysmal! LOL!

I am not laughing at the people there, or whatever life sitch got them there. But, it's wild that places that decimated, gross exist.

Like, man (humankind) can (and does) build whatever the hell it wants. Why build shit that it won't maintain?

There is likely no level of law enforcement nor real estate development that will bring that area back up to par. It isn't like Lower East Side of Manhattan that grew from stone and destruction back to the trendy place it is now from the mid-1990s until now.

That took billions upon billions of investment to recover.

And that is how much of St Louis is

Not just spots here and there. Most of the city is First World Slum City. Probably a boatload of reasons for it, and I won't name any of them, because I'd load this blog post full of reasons or/and excuses as to where things went wrong, but, it just sucks and moving here is not advised. Luckily, Oakville is very decent

Onto "Cum On Feel The Noize" by Quiet Riot


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