(I think). Or nearby. We just had a break to smoke two cigarettes (or I smoked two cigarettes), and we are going along the Mississippi, but it is night now, so one cannot see it. It is dimly lit in the train, and I have in the TIN T2 headphones to dampen (or eliminate) the sound of the virtual keyboard. So…yea. Kinda quiet time. And this stretch of train will go from here (Wisconsin ALLLL the ay to Portland, OR). And then I will hop a bus from Portland to Eugene, and then s e about getting to Florence. nnFun times. Indeed :):)nnI haven’t messed with the MacBook yet, as it is easier to just hammer out text on my phone on the fly. And that is what I will do until at *least* Portland. IDK. nnSo, just a short update. Hope everyone is well. nnBack soon

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