![]( to Schnucks for making a ‘za that is quite good, considering they are a small STL-based grocery store chain. This was like a Little Cesar’s ‘za, in a lot of ways. Great cheese :)nnI went ahead and submitted some [story I wrote sometime back]( on **TMO** to a “zine” to see if they’re interested. I won’t get paid for it if they run it, and I don’t even know if people read this zine, but there it is.nnThe floor fan whirls, I saw my “Ringo dog neighbor” (a neighbor with a dog named Ringo), and said hello to them (he and the dog (you have to talk to dogs, too, ya know?)). And I also fetched a Dr Pepper from the vending machine. nnI step out onto the balcony often to have a cig, but I am without cigs, so I am resorting to smoking long filters from the ashtray out there. I have pipe tobacco, so I don’t *have* to smoke them, but I am doing so anyway to keep my hands busy when I am out on the balcony.nnNo word on anything “neat” happening tonight, but we shall carry on anyway.nnback soon

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