Probably the most uninspired blog post title I’ve ever had, lol.nnBut whatever. There’s monotony in daily journaling, sometimes. I’ve described journaling (offline, online, wherever) as sort of akin to being a radio DJ – just someone who likes the sound of their own voice. But in terms of a journal, I just like the *tone* of my own writing, or the *slowed down* yet *sped up* thought process that occurs, and then putting those thoughts to word is what I like.nnIt’s also why I don’t like a bunch of cruft, chrome, filigree, and nonsense to be on the screen when writing. I can’t multitask, or do a multiple window setup (unless of course, it is one big activity (like development, or referencing another document, or whatever)). I like to single-task my writing, thoughts, ideas, etc.nnIt’s one of the reason typewriters worked so well back in the day (that, and it was the best humans could come up with technologically at the time). I hear Stephen King still uses a teletype for his writing, and I believe it, too. Can’t DO much with one other than hammer text.nnAlso, I wish there were a Firefox Lite – meaning all the functionalities that I have with Firefox (uBlock, Downloads, Pocket, etc.) but have them all run *somewhere else*. I don’t need to know how many trackers and pop-ups and ads got blocked with uBlock, just like I don’t want to save everything I read to Pocket.nnAnyway, I’ll be back later

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