So, I am trying to avoid using Github. Because my brain shuts off when I am on that service, because I don't feel like I am learning anything, just canon-balling into Burnout City. So, here is what I am sort of doing (or want to do) in a nutshell:

I have Atom (a code/text editor) installed on my MacBook

I want to "plug" in a particular file (or files) from Atom to my Linode VPS

To do this, I must use SSH, and I would have to configure the Atom editor to play nicely with the Terminal, and when I am editing a document (the file) on Atom, have it GO TO the filesystem on the VPS (let's call it, and then when I "Save" that file on Atom, have it saved on the VPS filesytem, as well.

Now, some people will (and others will not) get the idea of what I am describing here, and some people may say "use Github and connect to such and such by this method, and etc.". And I understand GitHUB (which is a popular online service, yet not the git protocol, itself - it's just a website) is "the only way to do what I'm talking about", and on and on. And that is exactly why I dislike Github - it makes everyone reliant on that service, and it is a bottleneck for (most of) the Internet, and it's a company, not a protocol. If someone "understands git" (which is lowercase, really), then they can do and accomplish anything/everything they choose to do on GitLab, or Codeberg, or any other system/service of their choice.

So, let's say I could (and indeed DO want to) connect my Atom editor to my VPS using SSH. And GitHub isn't an option for me (say my account was banned, or the service was down, or Microsoft (their parent co) decided to charge $50 per mo for the privilege of using Github) - what then? What is it that I actually have to learn in order to make X items (the content of the file on Atom editor) go to X location (the filesystem on my Linode VPS)?

These are some things I do not currently understand. But I am reading, and I am learning, and going to "get there" all the same.

back soon