I am listing something on Craigslist. I need moolah to make ends meet (grocery $$), so I am selling the Logitech MK Keys keyboard on CL at a deep discount. I don't have an external monitor anymore, and this device has been sitting in my closet for over six months. Not needed. I paid something like $100 for it (works with Mac, Windows, Linux) back in mid-2021, and I got good use out of it (just tested it, still works perfectly).

It will be listed on the STL Craigslist, and be listed for ~$35, I think. I can ask more, but I want it to sell quick (which I think it will). Similar to the Pixel 3a sale, I will price a "hot" item low, and that way it sells fast. The guy who bought the 3a actually texted me months after buying it to thank me for selling it at that price, because it was a gift for his daughter, and he had just given it to her for Xmas and she "loved it!". Made me feel good. I liked the 3a, but the buttery-smooth scrolling was driving me nuts. Nowadays, I can see everyone just expecting that type of scrolling, but, give me an antiquated version of Android anyday.

Back soon