::heel clicking:: there's no place like home, there's no place like home

Sometimes, the blog (or my blog, for me) is the only respite. Namely the editor. I used to go to Read.write.as on the regular. A place to see bloggers (as well as mine) in the feed, like-minded people, some daily "loggers", some every so often, some springing from out of nowhere once in a blue moon.

But nevertheless, regulars

I sort of get this with 1Feed, an RSS feed of my favorite regulars.

But the editor (here) is all there really is to "go" for me to sort of get away from all of the sh*t online.

So, I just show up here and write something, usually.

So, there's some stuff, as I shelter in respite away from yada yada, BS that goes on everywhere all the time.



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