It dropped to 66F in here, because no one is in the house, so Nest thinks no one lives here anymore, or something. I had to turn ON and then crank UP the heat to 70, and this will make things better. Just glad I remembered how to configure the damn device, honestly.nnI’ll be so glad to get home. Been a long two days. Not a “bad” two days, just long. nnI managed to get in a two hour nap just a bit ago (from 10-12, roughly), and that made me feel better.nn**Levels**nnAre you familiar with human hierarchy? It’s a real thing in society, not just specific places of employment and the military. It is most prevalent online (in fact, it’s unavoidable). It comes in the form of followers, and though there is no “clear cut” *benefit* nor *power* those with high follower-counts have, it takes it’s own form of **relevancy** and **attitude** TOWARD that person. And also the attitude *of* that person TOWARD others with less of a following. Some people monetize their patronage, other people enlist them into the flame war(s) they may be waging – but, it IS a **level** in (digital) society that nearly none asked for, but we all deal with on a day-to-day basis in 2021.nnHow? Why? What caused this byproduct of the WWW? Well, vanity caused it, mostly. No one will speak in condemnation of *A* following if they, themselves, procure and build one (a following) online. Why bite a hand that feeds well? Much easier to not rock the boat, while also getting an ego boost simultaneously. Kind of a “have your cake and eat it too” or “win/win” scenario. And all one has to do in the end is look at a few ads.nnWow. Miracles.

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