I filled out the survey on the MyChart app my healthcare provider uses just now. So I don’t have to do it the day of the appt. And yes, I scheduled the Urology appt for July 25 (thank Dog!). nnIt asked about illegal drug use. And I said “not currently” instead of “Never” or “Yes”, but then it prompted me to “Use/Week”…so, I guess “not currently” means I am not ON drugs at that moment? I went with that answer anyway, and clarified that I hadn’t used drugs in 10+ years, and no longer drink (been sober for around three months now, I suppose). Good deal. nnI also had to give a unique identifier for the family history of Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Bleeding Problems, Heart Disease, on and on, etc., so I put Father and then his name (as *he* had all that shit, and I am glad I don’t). nnI also had the option to confirm the appt so I didn’t get a reminder call but I DO want a reminder call, as I cannot miss it. nnNow I am having coffee ☕, and taking it easy this evening.

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