Slept OK, woke up sweating due to the heat being cranked. 39F outside, sunny. Heading out of here at 11:15 to get my hair cut at Great Clips, and then grocery shopping after that, and then picking up a money order real quick after that. So, a busy morning.nnCan’t WAIT to get my hair cut! This shag has got to go! Then, I will *slowly* haul in groceries (with the help of the person who is giving me a ride), and then I will walk to the leasing office after that and turn in the money order. All things that would be easy and effortless if I didn’t have a bum leg. Speaking of which, whatever recovery that has occurred in the past couple days has been negligible. I hardly see any difference between now and yesterday morning.nnSo that sucksnnOn with the day

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