So, 2.5 hours and I will be heading to Jefferson County to do the Xmas decor thing at the ‘rents. It’s 9:45 right now.nnFeeling good, rested. Today marks the third day in a row that I had a full, good night’s sleep (even though I was awake for half an hour in the middle of the night).nnI know that after the holidays, I am going to go through and do a micro-decluttering of stuff in my apartment, while still *using* a lot of what I DO keep. There is a tote full of junk in the closet, and whatever I don’t take out and use, it will either be donated, or done whatever with. The mini amp, the DVD player, the cordage for connecting everything – I will get (at least *some*) use out of all of it. There are still cords and cables I will keep around for “just-in-case” scenarios, like HDMI and USB-C cables and whatnot – but some stuff is proprietary to the components they are associated with, so those can go.nnAnd the decluttering process will involve random paperwork, too, as that is starting to pile up in the walk-in closet again. nnHowever, I do not want to necessarily “rid” myself of anything. The things I have gotten in the past year+ in my apartment were all bought deliberately and were purchased for a purpose, so I want to not be wasteful and also not be living in a quasi empty apartment (like I had been doing in 2016/18.nnWith that being said, I also do not want to be living with wall-to-wall clutter, so it is just a more deliberate approach to a living space, is all.nnJust putting that out there.nnBack laternn

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