…at 3:30. It is now 2:30. nnSo what am I doing right now? Right now, I am watching LGR on YouTube and his review of MorrowWind. Or Morrowind, or however it is spelled. nn**Why?**nnBecause ever since 2008, a friend of mine (Jimbo) was *obsessed* with this game, and I remember going to his apartment every evening after we were both off work (him at Arby’s, me at the blogging gig) and he would fire up this game and crack open a tall can of whatever, while I cracked open a Red Bull, and we would sit and BS and smoke cigs and BS some more and play Morrowind until 4:00 AM. nn*I* never got super deep into the game, which is the same with *most* games I have played in life. They just…don’t appeal to me a lot other than the *Zelda* and *GTA* franchises. That’s all. LOL! nnBut, I will *always* remember the early AM hours with Morrowind circa 2008/09 with Jimbo, his then-expecting fiance reading quietly in the other room, and the ridiculous conversations we would get into on any given night. nnOther games were played around that time, too – Pokemon, Zelda: Twilight Princess, GTA 4 (as I would bring over my PS3 on occasion), and a whole host of other ones that I cannot recall off the top of my head. nnSo, I guess the purpose of watching this particular LGR video was to go down Memory Lane, a bit. Or just because I was bored. Either one. nnGood times, indeed.

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