have you heard of Bob Dylan?

Here's me. At 12:51 AM. Taking photos of myself - Dylan hanging in the background. The snap (of Dylan) is from 1965 in some photo series for Vanity Fair, or Rolling Stone, or some mag of the era, and it was done in his apartment in Greenwich Village, NYC.

I'm just quasi sore from a lumpy mattress (or, a sunken in mattress, which I am replacing in October). Sleep is not enticing, so soda becomes more so. And likely coffee, soon.

In fact, that gets started right now

As the water heats, I ponder to myself:

"what IS going on with the world??"

I have been made aware that Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and sort of wrote my condolences to whomever cares, that they have my condolences for the passing of their leader. I'm not too lost on the topic, as with any person of "The Pale Blue Dot", all life is sacred, so I don't fall over myself with the loss of someone I am not personally known with.

Still, I pursue the inquiry: what is going on here, there, everywhere? I heard many times that the hearings about Trump are supposed to continue in Fall. Or, "the Fall season", as many people have put it, as if it is merely a "show" for people to send Tweets about and be amused by. That's Americana 101 for ya, though - attitudes defining what it is to be cavalier.

Anyway, I won't piss with worrying about politics or "news events" right now, as my hot coffee is poured (after a fast three minute boiling process - truly instant!), and I would rather focus my time on things that I actually care about. Not that the list for which is extensive nowadays.

I shall sip and be merry. Perhaps watch more superfluous stuff on YouTube, as is usually the case 95% of the time I open my laptop, which I am A-OK with.


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