I decided to add #writing to all the stories on [tmo.name/writing](https://tmo.name/writing), as well as go through everything under the #music tag and add the #listeningnotes tag to the individual posts.nn**Why do this?**nnFor future reference. And so everything is consolidated into individual spots here on **TMO**.nnI always tell myself I will do mini music reviews of stuff I like, and tag it with #listeningnotes, and have a small reminder of what I liked/disliked about any given song or album or band, but, I usually forget to do so.nnWhat I *was* reminded of, was the “Write.as Playlist of Joy” (that I think is still on my old Spotify account, where I asked people (or asked anyone/everyone from R.w.a)) to contribute to a crowd-sourced playlist of their favorite songs/artists. A lot of people chimed in from the R.w.a community and I was **so** happy about that, so I need to dig up that playlist and continue it somehow.nnback later

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