I don't know, I figured I would make hardboiled eggs just now. They taste good, and I have eggs, so I will just make them.

I last ate at midnight (or so), and I am mildly hungry.

I feel alright, though. I feel weird, somewhat (IDK why), but, ok overall.

In the early morning sunlight hours, I will walk to Schnucks and buy instant coffee, because I am out. That, and a few other things.

It's an all-nighter, too. No sleep will be had (I tried, and failed in that regard).

Good news is, it is Wednesday. So it won't be long until I have some $$$ in my pocket, and get some things going.

So, money is good. Not a big fan of it, but it makes life easier, for sure.

Me? I am definitely keep a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). It has been at least a couple (or a few?) weeks since I last had a drink (terrible experience, as all of them are, really). So, I am definitely proud of that. And I DO take 100% responsibility for the times I DID drink, but it is worth noting that I NEVER drink, nor feel any type of desire to, unless I am surrounded my negativity/toxicity. The people in my life up until several weeks ago was killing me, terribly. I just couldn't stand another friggin' moment of it.

Now, those people are OUT of my life.

I'll write more later