It's difficult, in modern society when people assume I am on a particular social network, or that I partake in a particular activity, or do a certain thing, and I say that I don't "do" that thing, and then I have to "deal" with their perplexed responses.

"Oh, you're not on Facebook? How come?"

"You didn't see that on Twitter - oh man, it was everywhere!"

"You didn't catch The Cards game? Damn, you missed it!"

But for me (from my view) it is hard to say "it's not me, it's everybody else". Meaning, everyone (or most everyone) has bitten off a chunk of something toxic (social media addiction) that they may no longer be able to spit out - or might not even be aware that they've done anything "dangerous", at all. Now, there have always been "a lot of people who like a certain thing" that I, personally, am not a fan of (like baseball games), but that is in stark contrast to me doing a thing (avoiding social networks) that benefits my mental health and my character by avoiding them. If I don't "see the final score for "The Cards" game" - yea, I've missed out on something that was probably genuinely fun - through and through - but I didn't see (nor care) of "The Cards" game (I am referring to The St Louis Cardinals, by the way - not playing cards) to begin with, and that is A-OK (for me it is A-OK, anyway). But, when everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid of some hyped trend from 2009 ("gotta join FB, omg, it's so cool - Grandma is even on there!"), and still touting the same hype over a decade later - despite the social fabric of society melting away, or friendships lost to online drama, or mental health issues experienced from harassment or/and bullying, etc. - then, it truly IS an issue of "it's not me (who is weird), it's everybody else (that is sorely mistaken on the benefits of social media usage)".

And that is the story of my "social" life, in terms of everybody playing "compare the picture" on their phones, pulled up from their Facebook feeds, and just "playing Facebook" in real life, instead of just staying at home and being a social network "user" by their lonesome. I wish that people did other things, too. Had other hobbies. Something that didn't immediately, or eventually, wind up being put to "the test of significance" on a social platform, as to say "I worked on editing these photos all day - time to put them on Instagram!" or, "my baby took his/her first bite of food - let's film it, toss it on Facebook, see how "cool" people think it is". Like, figure out other things (which is completely impossible until that person STOPS doing the other thing, constantly, with every waking free moment of their time) to "do", to "like", to "enjoy", to "take interest in". Life is not a fxxxing formula - be someone/thing else for a while. Or permanently. Choose life.

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