![](https://i.snap.as/9mhJxtSf.png)nnMy computer just shut down on it’s own. And then I had to “press any key” to go back to the (computer) log-in screen.nn…oknnSo, that is a little inconvenient. nnOn another note: I had vegan sausages for dinner, and I leave out of here at 10:30 AM tomorrow to go back to Oakville. We will stop at the Auto Spa beforehand, and the moms will get her car cleaned up (if they are open), and then I can veg the fxxx out in my apartment for a while. nnI will take down Xmas decor and stow those away, and also do a bit of apartment decluttering, as well. It won’t be anything “big”, just ridding myself of excessive paperwork and whatnot. NBD.nnThursday, I go to the ‘rents to take down Xmas decor there, and also do a little bit of running around. I will also have to clean out the entertainment center (maybe, not sure on that one) so it will be easily moveable when my brother-in-law goes over there Saturday to move it (the entertainment center) into the garage, where it will then be later listed on Facebook Marketplace. I think sometime *next* week I will be getting the TV, which is fine. No hurry of course.nnBack later

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