Happy Tuesday! (aka, Algorithm Day on YouTube)


In the past three hours, every YouTube channel I subscribe to (excluding a handful that maybe make a video a few times a year) have uploaded cOnTeNt to their channels.

I have game play-through videos, comedy skits, GRWM (Get Ready With Me) routines (or/and morning routines - as many people found a niche in video content of them simply getting out of bed), tobacco pipe banter vlogs, and a shitload of other things that I happen to take an interest in.

All queued up and ready for my ad-eyes (though I use an adblocker (uBlock Origin), so I will not make these people any money (welcome to The Internet in 2022)).

Coffee has been brewed, too.

And the trashcan arrived:

Look at that majestic beauty of stainless steel waste disposal! Actually the trashcan is simply a thick plastic bucket within the stainless steel exterior. There isn't even a bottom to the stainless steel frame. So, no bucket = no trashcan. But in combination it gets the job done in style.

The lid pedal (it's what it is - a lid pedal) doesn't work 100%, either. I can press down on it, and the lid will move but not go up all the way. Instead, when the lid is already partially open, I can use the pedal, but once the lid closes all the way, it creates a small vacuum seal, and the pedal is not powerful enough to break that seal. I conspired to put something around the rim of the trash can, so as to not cause the lid from sealing itself into uselessness, and that works, but ultimately I just decided to wedge a paper towel (for now, the object might change) into the back of the lid, and that will just keep the trashcan part-open all the time, negating the need for the pedal, at all.

Other side note: the Glad trash bags I bought are scented, so there is a nice aroma filling the room now. A lot better than smelling the fruit decay of food scraps from the wastebasket that I used in the kitchen before.

And another sidenote (unrelated): I called Metro Call-A-Ride and confirmed that I am approved for the van/bus service, so I will begin to use them on Aug 22, and twice a week from that date forward. Hooray!

Onto coffee and life

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