....that the TIN T2's work well with the Flat Equalizer I just wrote about. I was writing on mobile, so I kept that blog post short and sweet (and also, I was enjoying some nice music), but, the FE application does make a night and day difference. I also discovered that my "plugging" in the IEMs into my ears a bit further, it deepened the sound a bit. They weren't exactly "sitting" in my ears before (like EarPods would), but they were not as far in as was intended for these particular units, I think. And for anyone familiar with these (apparently, pretty popular) IEMs, yes, I am using the blue (memory foam) tips with them.

So, this is a good thing, that it wasn't A) a $50 waste of money (or waste of $50 worth of gift cards, lol), and that B) I can actually get some nice audio quality from something that doesn't crush my head, like the AT ATH-M30 (over-the-ear) headphones do.

I still plan on getting the ATH-R70X cans, though, but that will come after I get the AXA-25 integrated amp from Cambridge Audio, which I may order in March. It's just in my price range, and it looks really nice, and there are no displays on it whatsoever (which I like) - just headphone in, volume, treble, bass, and two other knobs which I am not sure of their utility. No display to tell me this or that, no Bluetooth, no bells, no whistles - just a solid little amp. And I think it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it could be the 1/4 (or whatever) size jack. I don't remember, to be honest. Either way, a decent set of over-the-ear units will be what it required of a "real" amp, and not just tunage on a smartphone (though, for now the tunes will still be played through the smartphone while connected to the amp via RCA).

The speakers

I'm keeping them, but I do not know how/when I will use them. There is no room on that wall for them, (at least not on the stands), and...yea. I will have to figure that out if I want to use them again. Not that it is 100% relevant because I much prefer headphones (regardless of which set I am using). They'll get use eventually, just no clue when I'll bring them out of the walk-in closet.

back soon